Your home at the Hideaway includes one of our four cabins nestled in a meadow along the waters of Clear Creek. The nearby mountains tower over our lodge and home. All of our cabins have showers, refrigerators, and electric heat. 

Everyone is welcome in the Lodge. It is a place to gather, laugh, eat, and converse. Sit on either the front or back porch, enjoy the peace and quiet, or laugh and enjoy the good company. You're home!

  • The Pathfinder, a larger log cabin, offers lodging in two bedrooms. There is a large living area and dining room that gives guests plenty of space.

  • A small log hideaway, the Scout, includes a single and double bed with separate laundry facility and bathroom.

  • The Wrangler offers two rooms with double beds and a separate bathroom. This small log cabin sits right outside the main tack area with frequent equine visitors.

  • The final lodging facility is the remodeled old lodge. The Pioneer includes two bedrooms, two separate bathrooms, and dining area.

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