Prior to the 1860's, Indians dominated the lands that make up our ranch. The Lewis & Clark Expedition in the early 1800's brought some of the first white men to the area. However, in 1864, several prospectors discovered gold along Confederate Creek which runs by our ranch. A booming town, Diamond City, leaped to life. In the next years, homesteaders followed in their footsteps.

On our ranch, mementos of those forgotten years stand as etched memories of our pioneer days. Guests may join us on a walk through the vivid history of the West, right on our ranch. Many old homesteads still creak under the soft mountain winds. Relive the wild times of Diamond City. For the adventurers, try your hand at searching for gold in creeks that run through the ranch.

Hidden Hollow Hideaway boasts a rich and long history. Enjoy the remains of the past via horseback or from the comfort of a 4-wheel drive tour. 

The most outstanding family hospitality, countryside, horses, history, activities and special occasion made this an adventure that we’ll always cherish.
— Dean and Tonia